The X-iser          IMG00027-20100728-1451

High-intensity intermittent-training also known as interval training involves a combination of short sprints with rest intervals in between. You can do it anywhere and on any type of equipment: on a treadmill, stair climber, indoors or outside, on a stationary bike or my personal favorite, on the X-iser. Interval training increases the bodies resting metabolic rate so your body continues to burn fat after you stop exercising. This means that on an interval training program you can burn fat even while you are sleeping or watching television.

The Xiser® Wellness Machine® was recognized by U.S. News and World Report as the best fitness device available. In short, the Xiser® Wellness Machine® is the most practical, efficient, and bio-mechanically and physiologically correct trainer available. The Xiser® Wellness Machine® was researched and tested to ensure correct body alignment, an impact free workout, promote stabilizing muscle activity, correct posture and improve balance, with either anaerobic or aerobic training. It is the only interactive maximum velocity trainer available.

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