Study shows that if you restrict chocolate while dieting, you only crave it more.

Channel 12 interview with Clinical Nutritionist Geri Zatcoff:

What kind of chocolate is best and why

We know dark chocolate is good. Geri reveals the other things you need to know that makes chocolate a healthy treat.


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Beat Aging, Get Mental Clarity, Look Sexier and Younger

Here’s one of Geri’s best anti-aging tips for those of you who want to be fit and fabulous at forty, fifty and beyond….without surgery and without chemical injections…..keepin’ it natural, healthy and beautiful!

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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Watch this very short intro to Brain Health Webinar

Click on the link below to watch the webinar I did with Dr. Leonaura Rhodes on brain health. It’s full of tips and strategies to keep your brain functioning optimally.

Oxidation, Inflammation and Toxicity

Learn how these three things cause brain challenges.

Dehydration Makes Brain Challenges Worse

Dehydration make every health challenge worse including brain challenges such as migraines and depression. It even affects ADHD, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.

Supplements for Brain Health

Yes, there are some supplements that support brain health. Some of these molecules support detoxification which helps the brain function better. For more information on these, please contact me directly.

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Breakfast at the Diner

Here’s my very first HOT & SEXY Weekend Tip. These are tips that everyone should know but somehow doesn’t. I want to change that. You have the right to know what you’re eating when you eat out.. So, here in my first ever video blog, I’ll share with you one of the secrets of “diner” eating. Who doesn’t love breakfast at the diner? Here’s my hot tip on keeping it healthy!!

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