Study shows that if you restrict chocolate while dieting, you only crave it more.

Channel 12 interview with Clinical Nutritionist Geri Zatcoff:

What kind of chocolate is best and why

We know dark chocolate is good. Geri reveals the other things you need to know that makes chocolate a healthy treat.


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Beat Aging, Get Mental Clarity, Look Sexier and Younger

Here’s one of Geri’s best anti-aging tips for those of you who want to be fit and fabulous at forty, fifty and beyond….without surgery and without chemical injections…..keepin’ it natural, healthy and beautiful!

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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Watch this very short intro to Brain Health Webinar

Click on the link below to watch the webinar I did with Dr. Leonaura Rhodes on brain health. It’s full of tips and strategies to keep your brain functioning optimally.

Oxidation, Inflammation and Toxicity

Learn how these three things cause brain challenges.

Dehydration Makes Brain Challenges Worse

Dehydration make every health challenge worse including brain challenges such as migraines and depression. It even affects ADHD, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.

Supplements for Brain Health

Yes, there are some supplements that support brain health. Some of these molecules support detoxification which helps the brain function better. For more information on these, please contact me directly.

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Breakfast at the Diner

Here’s my very first HOT & SEXY Weekend Tip. These are tips that everyone should know but somehow doesn’t. I want to change that. You have the right to know what you’re eating when you eat out.. So, here in my first ever video blog, I’ll share with you one of the secrets of “diner” eating. Who doesn’t love breakfast at the diner? Here’s my hot tip on keeping it healthy!!

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Kale is a super food and also a food that may put off people who don’t necessarily like their greens. Remember Pop-Eye encouraging children to eat their spinach. You don’t need a cartoon character to get you and your own kids to like green vegetables. Try Geri’s recipe for Kale Chips!

Part 1

Part 2

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Juicing has grown in popularity in recent years. Juicing was previously relegated to health food stores and Juice Bars where you were likely to find “health nuts” drinking large cups of bright colored liquid and shots of wheat grass. So what is the deal with juicing?

As a self-proclaimed “health nut” I must confess that I own a juicer. The best kind of juicer can grind up the skin and seeds. You want to keep the fiber when juicing to slow down the sugars from entering your blood too fast. That can be a problem for diabetics or even those with low blood sugar. That’s why diabetics can eat whole fruit but should stay away from fruit juice.

Vegetable juicing has many benefits but two come to mind: it helps alkalinize your body because all vegetables and fruits are alkaline and, it helps detoxify your liver depending on the combo of juices that you pick. Trust me folks, cabbage, collard, kale and wheat grass are highly beneficial but taste a heck of alot better with a little apple, carrot and ginger thrown in. Your liver will love you but your taste buds might balk in the beginning.

The trick to juicing is to start by getting it from a really good juice bar. I was just at The Stand in Norwalk on Wall St. and I was really impressed. Everything is organic and the combinations are really great. They even have one called “the Nasty” that has dark greens combined with garlic and ginger. Carissa, one of the owners, told me it’s great for hangovers.

My green drink was really good and very palatable. So, leave it to the professionals. They know what tastes good and can steer you in the right direction when you’re just starting out. If you’re squeamish, stick to cucumber, celery, parsley and apple.

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I recently got a call from Kimber Crandall of News 12 Connecticut asking me if I’d like to comment on a recent study showing that fiber from whole grains is more effective than the fiber from fruit for lowering the risk of heart disease. It’s very tricky reporting this kind of information because the take-away can get distorted when just a snipet gets reported. Understanding the “whole” story is important.

Whole grain means the whole grain….in it’s “whole” form, not milled into flour. Wheat berries are the whole grain, not whole grain bread. While there can be a good amount of fiber in whole grain bread, every step in the refining process makes the gycemic index go up. That’s a measure of how fast the sugar in the grain gets into your blood. And make no mistake, all grain, even whole grain, eventually turns to sugar. For example, stoned-ground wheat bread will have more fiber than whole grain wheat bread which will have more fiber than wheat bread which will have more fiber than white bread. You get the picture. If you have blood sugar issues, choosing the “whole” grain is best.

My other concern is that putting the emphasis on grain takes the focus off vegetables and I’m here to tell you folks, vegetables are where it’s at! In addition to fiber, vegetables have thousands of phytochemicals, or plant compounds which are your number one defense against cancer. Of course, some vegetables have more fiber than others and it’s often those that people don’t eat as often. Click on the link below to find out which ones are loaded with fiber.

Geri talks fiber with Kimber Crandall on News 12

So you can see that all fiber is not created equal. What do you need to know? Eat grain in it’s most natural state and eat your vegetables…..just like your Mother told you!

Yours in good health,

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